14 Ways to Get Cozy

Tis the Season to get Cozy Wozy!

Jingle Jangle Jolly Holly….and deck the halls with La La Laaaaaaaaaa!

TBH, I probably use the word cozy just about every day. It’s one of my top five favorite words. So of course this month, I will be embracing “wozy” fever and cuddling in snug happiness for the entire month of December.

But not all Bookies know how to get trulllllyyyyyy cozy. So here are 14 ideas to help, incase your heart is two sizes too small this year and no matter what holiday you celebrate. (Just substitute your own joy and traditions wherever you see fit).


 Your Official Guide: 14 Ways to Get Cozy

1. Rock your Holiday Socks Off

(Dance around in some super awesome holiday T-Rex Santa socks)


2. Holiday Themed Mugs

(For excessive cheersing)


3. Warm Chocolatey Cocoa

(Topped with mini-mallows)


4. Santa Decor aka Hand-Knit Stockings

(“hand-knit” obviously means they were knit by elves)


5. Scented Candles for Toasty Feels

(Just excessively inhale for the toastiest of feels)


6. Cheery Holiday Movies from Childhood’s Past

(Don’t let the child inside of you die! I keep the Classics collection on while I wrap gifts)


7. Advent Calendars

(whether you celebrate it or not…you get a little chocolate square every day…and that’s pretty jolly)


8. Books, Books and More Books!

(A tradition for all holiday nostalgics)


9. A Festive Apron for the Baker in All of Us

(You’ll pretty much be smiling the entire time you’re baking)


10. Cracked Chestnuts with Nowhere to Roast Them

(For all my Bookies without a fire place……just use the oven instead)


11. Holiday Sweaters & Jams

So much Jammie (Pajamas, PJ’s, Jams) chill time!


12. Too Much Unexplained Fun with your Pals

(Random Acts of fun at holiday parties….too much nerd joy to be had)


13. Lots of Blankets

(Wee! For snuggling purposes mostly)



Santa & his reindeer need magic energy for their trip….duh)


Now, there are plenty more ways to get cozy this holiday season. Hopefully, no matter where you are, you can find your own way to bundle and nestle softly into the spirit of giving. Don’t forget to give to yourself. Give yourself the gift of Cozy Wozy.

And to all a goodnite!


The Book Cookie