3 Hair Raising Reads You Need Now

New Spooky Books to Shelf this Season

Boo La La, that Hocus Pocus time to read is here! The daily anticipation for Halloween makes me crave candy corn minute by minute….I pretty much can’t take it anymore. With only 2 more weeks to squeeze in monster themed baked goods and ghoulish hay rides with friends, limited time remains to get your creepy reads in for the season. Here are 3 books you NEED for all the goosebumpish vibes of mystery. I find reading with the lights on a good idea if your arm hair prickles easily.

readThere’s Someone Inside Your House

If you grew up in the late 90’s then you know about the cheesy teen slasher movies, i.e. Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, etc. that we all hated to love. Surprisingly, Stephanie Perkins takes a break from her acclaimed romance genre with a fresh take on YA murder mystery. Of course, someone is slaughtering teens in town and the problem needs to be solved, (I’ve always wanted to be a detective). The craving for nostalgic intrigue is killing me already.

readThe Grave Keepers

A finger-crossing hope of cozy meets creepy in this read by Elizabeth Byrne is one I can’t wait to collect simply for its cover. With her parents as cemetery owners, (already freaky) Athena spends most of her time on site, after her sister’s death. A new school year brings new teen conflicts and a haunting ghost that roams the property. I’m wondering if this is a Casper-like friendly ghost or an I can’t sleep at all ever again ghost? For my own sake of living alone, I hope for the best.

readHow to Hang a Witch

Probably one I’m looking most forward to is this notable take on The Salem Witch Trials by Adriana Mather. Samantha is unwelcomed when she moves to New York City and mean girls who refer to themselves as “The Descendants” wreak havoc in her life. Sam discovers her family bloodline and meets a ghost, who exposes her to the past of the Trials where she must stop the very ritual which has repeated itself time and time again. “Hanging” out at home with this historical thriller could be a good thing.

One More Read

What else can I hardly wait to shelf? For older YA readers, try:

ReadMeddling Kids

What happened to the Scooby Doo gang after they grew up?


Sounds like another great excuse for homemade book cookies.

Happy Reading Bookies!