5 Ways to Jump Start your Reading Routine

Loving this new Travel & Leisure inspired book by author Luke Barr.

Dear Bookies,

Well, it’s already a few weeks past the New Year (hazzah!) and I’m still adventuring through the same book I started January 1st. But don’t get me wrong, I am HAPPILY loving the nostalgic memories of Provence, 1970: M.F.K. Fisher, Julia Child, James Beard, and the Reinvention of American Taste. I can’t wait to review it and post cutesy matching cookies. I’m thinking…. French foodie Book Club theme.

So far in the New Year, I’ve been fitting about 15 minutes per day, sometimes more, of reading into my schedule. It’s a race against time each morning my alarm barks to get the long list of Wonder Woman activities completed in one day’s time.

But here we all are, no matter what age, busy as ever, trying to expand our minds, squeezing some time….ANY time….. aside for our edification in bookish addictions. So how do we keep up with it all?

5 Ways to Jump Start your Reading Routine

1.) Reading Challenge Yourself

I printed these out from Modern Mrs. Darcy.com Such fun motivation to have a checklist challenge.

This New Year, challenge yourself to commit to your relationship with reading. Write down your goal on a piece of paper and post it somewhere you will see it daily. I used to have my students post new reading goals just about monthly in my classroom. We would check back at the end of term to see if they accomplished their own challenges. Some posting ideas could be to READ 1 page per night or set timer and read for 15 minutes a day. Start small and add as you go on.

Briefly ask yourself: What is it you want to read this year? This month? This week?

Are you seeking: Growth? Fun? Varietal genres? Award winners?

Check out the Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Reading Bookmarks. I printed these and keep them posted on my office board to remind me WHY I am reading. (#genius).

2.) Find a Cozy Nook or Shop to Escape to

I have this photo saved as one of my DREAM reading nooks on my Pinterest account. ::Sighhhh::

But really, a cozy spot or bookshop really does make a difference when you read. It doesn’t have to be anywhere extravagant. A comfy chair will do. How about a blanketed spot on the floor in your bedroom? Discover a new bookstore where you feel you can focus. It’s a time to think, relax, and get lost in another world.

Reading in bed works too =) I just fluff my blankets and pillows before I squirrel dive into them with my book. Whatever suits you.

3.) Talk About It

Lol, that’s easy! Talking about any subject will cause you to ponder and analyze more. When you discuss what you’re reading, it opens the flood- gates to emotional discourse, discussion, and debates. PLUS! You’ll sound super intelligent (insert lightbulb above head emoji).

How to talk about the current book you’re reading: Discuss for a few minutes a day with a friend at lunch, a teacher, with a parent or partner at zany morning breakfast. Books always pop up when I’m out to brunch one way or another.

You could evennnnnn……join/start a Book Club! Either in person, with friends, or online!

Uppercase Box is a YA themed Book Club to help ignite your bibliophile fire.

Here are a few Online Reading Clubs:

Uppercase Box is a YA monthly subscription box to help give you a jump start!

Goodreads YA Book Club offers super fun contests, conversation invites & loads more for the bookworm community!

Readergirlz online Book Club has open discussion boards & a wide genre variety to choose from!

BOTM is open to adults or advanced readers if you want a subscription for only $9.99 a month & has top selections!

There are seriously SO MANY more you can research & join for FREE or a little $$$. Find one and research one that suits you!

4.) Put Down your Phone!

She will always be my reading role model!

Talk about a challenge. I’m guilty of sitting down to read and then stopping for a quick break to browse through social media, or open my wandering brain to skim the internet for irrelevant nonsense (mostly new books) that have nothing to do with my goal at hand!

Resolution? I set my timer for 15 minutes, put my phone on silent, and set it away from me! Once I’m in my snuggled nook, I enjoy the present moment and focus on my book. By the time my alarm shouts at me I don’t want to stop reading.

The text messages & Snap/Insta opportunities will still be there when you’re done reading.

Disconnect for just a bit =)

5.) Less TV!

I  know I sound like such a Bossypants. But…..it’s true! Relinquish some T.V. time for extra pages in your book! You’ll feel better about yourself I promise! Plus, there are a million ways nowadays to watch episodes you missed & binge on re-runs (not recommended for sanity).

OR!!!!!! If you just can’t wait……

……squeeze your reading time in before or after your favorite show if you must. I used to tell my students to mute the TV during commercials if they needed some help getting started to break the cycle.

One minute less of Television time is one page closer to finishing your book! Wee!

If All Else Fails…..

Baked by: the amazing Alaina!


Set yourself up for comfort in this frigid & snowflakey time of year.

It’s the perfect month to snuggle up with books in the cold weather, so get happy & find your next read now!

Email me for any recs & Happy Reading Bookies!