Dear Bookies,

Thanks for stopping by to see some of my favorite things….a la…Books & Cookies. I’m a former middle school English & Creative Writing teacher, who aims to promote reading & Book Clubs across THE WORLD. (wee!)

I’ve always been immersed in books since “Harold & the Purple Crayon” so I figured I should show the Kid at Heart in all of us, how fun reading can be when you have a Book in one hand and a Cookie in the other!

When I decided to move from Orlando to Los Angeles 3 years ago, I couldn’t even bake a chocolate chip cookie from scratch to save my life. I kept relentlessly failing to bake cute cookies that matched the theme for our novel in my Sunday Book Club. Which thus began my obsession with……. The Sugar Cookie.

Two Smart Cookies


My idea for Book Clubs to host themed cookies at every get together was only the beginning. I still needed one cookie to settle my heart on. One. A Book Cookie. A Sugar Cookie recipe that was different and unique, but still nostalgic and addicting.

On my adventure to CookieLand (this place happily exists in my mind), I met a Cheesehead (she’s from Wiscansin) who was working in the same luxury hotel I was. I mean, it pretty much was fate. Like how people say magic happens in the kitchen…..(they do say that right?) Alaina Breitenfeldt and I were instantly like two Pals in a Pod.

She not only is the most talented pastry chef I have ever met, but she is The Queen of Macarons! (A mover & a shaker….a macaron maker) We combined our powers to test (literally probably ONE HUNDRED times) combinations of possible Sugar Cookies for our one and only “Book Cookie.”

Like a scientist trying to figure out the next confoundable cure, we baked and baked until we went cross-eyed. Finally, we created our own recipe! (Angels blowing trumpets in the sky). And this is how we made reading time such sweet fun! (Huzzuh!)

The Cookie Crystal Ball


We don’t know where life is taking us next, but we know it’s somewhere fun! So far, it’s been an unexpected and zany adventure. Our love for baking, coziness, and woziness will continue to grow each day. Our goal is for literary geeks, book clubs, and authors of all kinds to enjoy their own personal reading time with our cute cookies.

Wishingly, we hope you use The Book Cookie to check out new YA Book Reviews! If you want to indulge in custom Book Cookies for your next Club meeting, event, or super-awesome binge eating alone time, place an order HERE!

Or if you’re a published author on tour and want to hand out the cutest Book Cookies on the planet at your signing… just send a message our way HERE!

View our portfolio below before making any rash decisions and always,

Bake on Bookies!


Meg & Alaina