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Category: Baking Tips

New to baking? Still learning? We all are. Find helpful tips for your Book Club cookies here.

The Book Cookie

Royal Icing in 5 Steps

Royal Icing 101 Nutmeg, Pumpkin spice, homemade pie, and fluttering leaves, are just a few of my favorite things about autumn. So what about decorating cookies? Royal Icing resembles a shiny, hard, texture, for beautiful cut out cookies, which are PERFECT for holiday decorating. First time making homemade icing? Follow my guide below.     5 Step Guide Awesome Recipe Perfect Consistency Mixing Colors Bottles or Bags Practice 1. Awesome Recipe Need a simple, buttery, vanilla, yum in your tum sugar cookie recipe? Right here.             Royal Icing Recipe   Ingredients: 4 cups (about 1 lb.) confectioners&#8217…

Cookie Dough Tips

All desserts vary in the way they are handled before popping in the oven. I won’t prep for baking a scone the same way I would for a pie. Most desserts require various methods and different forms of caregiving when mixing. So here are Cookie Dough Tips to help you bake the best batch of simple cookies. Butter & Eggs As we learned in my Baking Basics tutorial, butter and eggs are best to bake with at room temp. However, I know what it’s like to be on a time crunch to make a cozy batch…

Baking Basics

Becoming a better baker is always possible. Learning and experimenting are half the fun & frustration when it comes to creating your own desserts. However, there are a few “what the heck” factors and silent moments of confused staring that may take you by surprise when your recipes don’t come out perfect. So, whether it be cookies, cakes, pies, or pop tarts…. these baking basics will help you along the way to Baking Success. (Woo! Throw confetti). Read your Recipe First In my classroom, I used to teach my middle schoolers the technique of finding…