by Alex Flinn


Don’t let the fairy-tale theme distract you from the essence of this comical story. Cloaked is not just a cheesy book for girly girls.

What it’s About: Told from 17-year-old Johnny’s perspective on South Beach, where he owns his family shoe shop; he is offered a large amount of money from a famously, hot princess, who needs his help to break a curse. Johnny embarks on a quest to solve this frog-napping, save his family business, and get the girl in the end. He leads this magic rescue mission with help from his best friend Meg, who is “that girl” we always root for to be Johnny’s main chick. Will he be the hero we all want him to be in the end?
My favorite part: Alex Flinn, the author, combines elements from the popular fairy-tales we all know and love, in such a funny way, that you definitely will laugh and get caught up in the character’s personalities.
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Favorite Quotes:
“A shoe that fits one person pinches another.”
― Alex Flinn, Cloaked
“Seems like a lot of people wear shoes they can’t walk in.”
― Alex Flinn, Cloaked
“Beside me, Philippe and Meg hold hands. He murmurs something that sounds like, “my dear leetle mongoose.” I wish he’d turn back into a frog and hop away.”
— Alex Flinn, Cloaked