Finding the Break: A Surfer’s Anthology

Finding the Break: A Surfer’s Anthology

By Murray Lee

An Anthology of short stories composed with heartfelt emotion, Finding the Break: A Surfer’s Anthology is a simple collection of life lessons, fit for the reader who loves to reflect. It’s impossible to read this book and not instantly feel nostalgic towards the times of your youth.

Through 6 various stories, we coast up and down a wave of perspective in numerous settings, with each character sharing a piece of themselves and how surfing has been a part of their lives. We journey with individuals who are grateful for friends who have always been there during the roughest times, specifically a surfing accident. In another chapter, we watch one person open their heart to the love of a partner after years of keeping them on the sidelines. Also, we witness a character in a simple surfing store-front dilemma, which sheds light on gratitude for life.

Perhaps my favorite story of this collection ties into the main theme of sacrifice. It seems each character gives a piece of themselves back to the ocean, where we watch their cultivated relationship with surfing become genuine. Each story contributes it’s own unique vibration to carpe diem appreciation. One individual storyline highlights this theme when he decides to move from the prevalent sunny coast of California to Grand Rapids, Michigan, to be with his wife and kids, riding the true wave, metaphorically of life.

Why You Will Like It

Not that I will leave any spoilers, but gahhhhhh there is clearly a tearjerking moment in this story that leads up to a cultivating climax and leaves me with this quote, “she got them miniature Snickers from her bag in the back seat and started to eat one while Aric put the boards up onto the car,” as a reminder of savored memories or tiny traditions that stay close to your heart among all types of relationships.

There should be more stories written like this, from the heart, relinquished from experiences and with open adventures to be shared. For Lee’s next novel, I wish I could see a bit more clarification on flashbacks and present time reflections. Sometimes hopping around to so many characters in one scene was a bit grappling. However, I recommend this book for surfers alike, who can relate to these zen moments with the water. This book would be a great graduation gift to teenagers or anyone who wants to chill and appreciate the little moments in life.


Perfect for Summer dreaming and waves abroad! Get your copy of  Finding the Break: A Surfer’s Anthology.