Love & Gelato

Love & Gelato

by: Jenna Evans Welch


Wait. A summer in Tuscany? Yes, please! Oh No! Wait. Gelato? Gelato! Ok, I’m hooked! Who could not judge a book by its cover with this title? Another easy breezy, enjoyable, summer fluffy read, (I don’t mind these sometimes after stressful days of thinking too hard). I’ve read a few books set in Paris, but not yet in Italy, which is where Lina begins her journey. She sets off to find her father in Tuscany after a battle with cancer takes her mother’s life.

Welch does a splendid job of whisking you away to the countryside of Italy. The food descriptions, restaurants, desserts, architecture, and adventures seem how I imagine them to be in actual Italy. This is also Lina’s mother’s dying wish, for her daughter to re-live her summer the way she did. Hence, her journal left to Lina, to guide her on her mysterious travels. Of course, drama, love, and gelato (duh!) ensue. Like most YA novels, the love in this book is cliche to its theme. But who cares…. there’s enough cute foodie descriptions in this book to keep me invested.


Why You Will Like It

It’s light and summery with scoops of humor and emotion. The mysterious wonderment of bakeries, traveling, Italian adventure and whatnot, leaves your heart beating softly.You May Also Enjoy: The gelato!!!  (OK, last time I will mention it).


Add Love & Gelato to your home library & do a happy dance!

Favorite Quotes

“She was like an exclamation mark in human form.” – Ren, Jenna Evans Welch, Love & Gelato

“What I really want is someone who will wake me up early so I don’t miss a sunrise.” – Lina, Jenna Evans Welch, Love & Gelato