November 9

November 9

by: Colleen Hoover


Well, aren’t we in for a twisty treat. That’s not even a question…… because you are. I started this book with the hopes of a quick read I could enjoy by the pool this summer. Happily, I did just that. I finished this book on my days off, engaging in the unexpected plot twist, the innocent turned not- innocent romance and the narrative voice of the characters. I mean, come on, two characters who decide to only see each other once a year? Note: on the same date, same place, same time, every year!? #torture.

Fallon becomes the muse of Ben’s future book that he aspires to write, by first meeting him in an unexpected way. The physical and emotional scars Fallon has suffered from a tragic accident has lost her a glamorous, up and coming, acting career in Hollywood. As she attempts to stay dedicated to finding herself, moving to New York, and focusing on achieving her Broadway goals, she and Ben decide to only play a part in each other’s lives once a year, when they will meet to catch up on life. But boy….. is that a nice way to fall in love with someone….NOT! Strap yourself in for the fiery roller coaster ride.

Why You Will Like It

The ending brings a nice “what the crap just happened” thought to your head. The plot continues through chapters by Fallon & Ben taking turns sharing the same story from their own perspectives. I did enjoy the flow of that. Good job Miss Hoover. Another reason you will like it: It’s the perfect read in any season, even though the title is November 9. A quick little get away of the mind; doesn’t require much thought, just enjoyable, mildly, torturous romance.


Add November 9: A Novel to your seasonal reading list! Your heart will thank you later.

Favorite Quotes

“People say not to judge a book by its cover, but what if you somehow read the inside of the book without seeing the cover first”

-Ben, Colleen Hoover, November 9

“I’m only looking at him like this because……well….because he’s obviously a lunatic.”

-Fallon, Colleen Hoover, November 9