Pumpkin Pie Cozy Cookies

Thanksgiving is HERE!


Hoorah! Throw the confetti, dance around the turkey, stuff your face with pie!

………But don’t forget the COOKIES!

If you’re like me, you save everything for the last minute. (Insert extra long, super extended, SIGHHHHH).

I’m here to save the DAY! (shining angel light hovers upon the kitchen). Thankfully, these cookies can be whipped up in just a few hours, and everyone at the party will think they’re the cutest dessert since sliced turkey!

Almond Sugar Cookie Recipe

img_9075This is a shortbreadey, thick, & buttery cookie. If you want, switch the almond for vanilla extract, or in the spirit of Thanksgiving, blend both flavors together, using half and half =)

2 Cups butter

1 1/2 Cups sugar

2 eggs

4 tsp vanilla or almond extract

1 tsp baking powder

6 Cups Flour

Cream butter & sugar together. Add eggs & extract. Add in remaining ingredients.

*Bake @ 375 degrees for about 9 min, until barely brown around the edges.

Irresistable Icing


To decorate I use my Royal Icing in 5 Steps recipe. But, when I want just a simple icing to match with these cookies, like if I’m not cutting them into any particular shape or just want super fast, but AMAZINGLY INSANELY delicious cookies, I refer to this one below.

2 Cups powdered sugar

1/2 tsp. almond extract

4 tblsp milk

Stir until you reach desired consistency, adding milk if necessary.

For the Royal Icing colors, I used nude for the crust, adding more powdered sugar for a thicker consistency, and for the dark orange I mixed nude with dark red to create a flooding consistency. The white dollop was the easiest part, and I just used a flowered tip, mixing a medium to thick consistency.


P.S. These take a bit of time to dry, especially if you’re transporting them somewhere, so be mindful before you pack them up.

Easy Peasy Mashed Potato Squeezy.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


The Book Cookie