The Sugar Cookie Experiment

The Sugar Cookie Experiment

8 Weeks of the Sugar Cookie


Holidays are fast approaching! Somehow. I don’t know how. But, what I really feel is…. WEE! Overexplosive joy for the best time of year, baking season! Specifically, cookie season! More specifically, sugar cookie season. This year, I will start and finish my quest to bake and hail thee most perfect SUGAR COOKIE recipe (of all time).

Shish Boom Bah!

Back to the Beginning

If you know me, then you know I am consistently baking and taste testing various types of sugar cookies. If you live in the nearby Los Angeles area, then you’re familiar with my incessant badgering of “Try this one,” “Well, let me explain this recipe,” and “Honestly, just tell me, what do you think?” when I need cookie feedback.

However, I’ve grown tired of explanations. A great cookie shouldn’t need words of gratification. The taste should be so overwhelmingly exuberant that there are NO WORDS! And I must admit, I do look for facial reactions after the first bite. Some friends I can tell love certain recipes so much, while others “like it” but over-fluff the friendly adjectives to make me feel good, (which I appreciate =)

When I first began my baking adventures in the kitchen, aka, when I had no clue what I was doing, I used to bring all my practice cookies to work. Now, you wanna talk about brutal honesty? Just go to the big guys at Four Seasons Los Angeles in Beverly Hills. I can always count on the ugly truth from those taste testers. Sometimes I’ve wanted to cry and other times I’ve desired to throw cookies at certain people. How do I see it? Welp, I guess in the baking world you have to be one tough cookie. Although, (with a teensy eye roll) I will admit all the honest feedback has hardened my pursuit to develop a WOW cookie of a lifetime.

My Goal

homemade sugar cookie
Time for fluffy & puffy homemade sugar cookies

A firm cookie on the outside, fluffy, but not dry on the inside. Thick, buttery, and a lightly sugared sprinkle flavor (not too sweet) because at some point icing will need to go on them. (I sound like Sally Albright, I know).

So here I am with 8 sugar cookie recipes. Ready to bake a new one each week and document the process to discover the BEST sugar cookie of all time! One that emits pure coziness and….. best of all….woziness.

I’ll be focusing on:

  1. ingredients
  2. texture
  3. consistency
  4. flavor
  5. overall taste

P.S. There are 2 categories of sugar cookies in my mind (I made this up as usual):

a.) Everyday frosted sugar cookies

b.) Christmas cookies

Christmas sugar cookies taste like the holidays and would be perfect for table spreads or gift baskets during the season. In my opinion, they don’t necessarily need frosting. They taste great without it.

To clarify, I’m searching for an everyday simple sugar cookie that doesn’t taste too boring. No boring allowed.

Eight Recipes

How have I obtained these 8 sugar cookie recipes which I will be testing?

Well, I can’t share too much of that. I will probably change names because some of these are top secret. Some recipes are from family, others from friends and a few from unknown sources of greatness (those who shall not be named).

Everyone swears their own cookie recipes are the best on the planet, which is why I won’t bake anything directly from Pinterest. I could go crazy with every recipe that claims theirs is the best. (But they can’t possibly ALL be the best……#moretruth from When Harry Met Sally).

However, I’m always open to suggestions and new homemade goodies after these 8 – so feel free to comment or send a message. I can’t wait to explore more baking ideas this autumn season and beyond.

Stay Tuned

To keep up with all the Cookie Bonanza, check @thebookcookie Instagram and my posts daily. On my blog here, I’ll post a completed recipe each week with the results on Monday, sharing the pass or fail status of each sugar cookie endeavor.

Now Bake on Bookies,

Love, Meg