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The Explorers

The Explorers: The Door in the Alley

The Explorers: The Door in the Alley By Adrienne Kress One word to describe this book in its entirety is quirky. A book that speaks my language. From the pig in his tiny hat to the cute chapter titles and light-hearted babbling footnotes, The Explorers is a book I recommend to young readers who want to get lost in a realm of adventure, specifically, “The Door in the Alley.” Pragmatic and a bit of a brainy outcast, 12-year-old Sebastian stumbles into a new social realm one afternoon when he strays off the beaten path in…

Basket of Books

Hi Bookies, Hop Hop Hop little Bunnies! While most of the country is still bundled in blankets and cat stretching after long naps, us west coast dreamers are prancing in poppy-filled hills and using our books as shields from the sun. New Releases and Book Festivals are upon us, which means……time to fill our Easter Baskets with fresh reads! (For the YA or Adult-Fiction fans in our lives). Here are new treasured releases to keep your heart glowing all spring long! Young Adult Strange the Dreamer (March 28) Alex, Approximately (April 2) The Sacrifice of…