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The Explorers

The Explorers: The Door in the Alley

The Explorers: The Door in the Alley By Adrienne Kress One word to describe this book in its entirety is quirky. A book that speaks my language. From the pig in his tiny hat to the cute chapter titles and light-hearted babbling footnotes, The Explorers is a book I recommend to young readers who want to get lost in a realm of adventure, specifically, “The Door in the Alley.” Pragmatic and a bit of a brainy outcast, 12-year-old Sebastian stumbles into a new social realm one afternoon when he strays off the beaten path in…

Amazon Giveaway

15 YA Books You Need to Read Right Now Hi Bookies, Take a look at this AWESOME giveaway on Kim Bongiorno’s, Let Me Start by Saying  Blog! Partnered with Amazon, this features one of The Book Cookie’s favorite books, The Clay Lion (The Clay Lion Series) (Volume 1) to win, keep, and hold forever while you stuff your face with cookies! Don’t forget to checkout Book Reviews right here on The Book Cookie, featuring this award winning novel and others to jump start your reading routine. The Fun Part Enter as many times as…