The Cutesy Sugar Cookie

IMG_6279Dear Bookie who loves a cutesy sugar cookie,

This recipe, be it last minute or prepping ahead can do so much for your “cutesy” reputation. I’ve baked multiple types of Sugar Cookies, in a million varieties. Similar to the Chocolate Chip Cookie, there are endless homemade sugar cookie recipes people swear by. As for mine, I can’t ever reveal it. However, below is one I have used when I need to whip up some quick dough. It’s vanilla-buttery, effortless, and original. It’s not too soft but has the perfect toasty bite to it, if you prefer a solid cookie.

Perfectly Paired with:

Love & Gelato by: Jenna Evans Welch

The Unexpected Everything by: Morgan Matson







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Add Love & Gelato & The Unexpected Everything to your summer nostalgia collection!

Simple Sugar Cookie Recipe

This recipe makes the perfect small batch, but if you need more, it’s an easy one to double. You can also sub the vanilla for almond extract if you prefer roasty fall flavors.

Cookie Cutters

There are tons of shops to get cookie cutters, however, I always shop at Ann Clark. They sell the best homemade little cutters, made in America! Wee! USA!  Ann Clark Cupcake Cookie Cutter – 4 Inches – Tin Plated Steel.