The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

by: Paige McKenzie


If you’re unfamiliar with one of the most popular YouTube mini-series sensations, known as The Haunting of Sunshine Girl Network, then you don’t yet know Paige McKenzie. She is the intelligent young creator of The Haunting of Sunshine Girl Series. Although her show continues to grow into one of the first mega – eerie sensation dramas of today, with over ten million followers, her first novel isn’t bad either.

What it’s About

Sunshine Griffin moves with her mother to a new city where she must adjust like any typical teenager. However, creepy things start happening, which make Sunshine think she’s anything but a typical teenager.

At night she hears sounds of a child giggling and then crying, while unexplained bizarre occurrences like floating and rearranged objects in her room leave her scared and confused. It turns out, as you meet her closest friend, Nolan, and dive through the hair-raising incidents they experience together, Sunshine is very special. Non-Spoiler: I don’t want to spoil it for you and reveal why she is so special.

Why You Will Like It

This book is definitely super creepy. I was shocked how chilling some parts were to be honest. I kind of assumed, like most wannabe ghostly books I have read, that this one would be like the rest. I found myself excited to turn the page and continue.

Ghosts? Demons? Mysterious occurrences? YES PLEASE! (only while I have a warm cookie in hand to keep me safe).

Gooey Gossip

I was sent this book by Paige herself (through the luck of a mutual family friend) before it was released in order to review. I also had the awesomest pleasure of meeting her at YouTube Space here in L.A. and again at the BookCon in New York through my mutual friend. She is a very entertaining, chill, and an inspiring young author. She is very real and natural around fans and I love that about her.


Add this creepy book to your nightstand The Haunting of Sunshine Girl: Book One. Ah!

Favorite Quotes

“(no raisins—why do people put raisins in cookies and cakes, yuck).”
— Sunshine, Paige McKenzie, The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

“It is not normal for a sixteen-year-old to have pajamas with feet.” – Sunshine, Paige McKenzie, The Haunting of Sunshine Girl