The Sugar Cookie Experiment: Recipe #2

The Sugar Cookie Experiment

Recipe #2: The Sour Cream Cookie

My favorite time of the year (throws leaves in the air) is here! It’s that time when the once brisk breeze now tickles your nose with pumpkin spice, elongated sighs of coziness become a daily ritual, and raking leaves are an excuse to enjoy colorful foliage. Either way, I’m onto the next cookie recipe of our 8 weeks of Sugar Cookie Experimenting. Our first recipe was nostalgic and holiday-ish with my Grandma DeMayo’s sugar cookie. This week I had goals of a softer, fluffier, maybe cake-ier cookie. Others have told me they soften their dough up with sour cream, so I went hunting for a reasonable recipe that wasn’t too intricate.

Batter Up

I discovered the sour cream dream from The Recipe Rebel, having baked a few of her homemades before. I guess this one practically falls in the Holiday Cookie category since she claims it to be “Your Freezer Friendly Holiday Cookie.” However, I was curiouser and still curiouser of the outcome all the same.

Here now I can focus on the results of my 5 key points as stated in my first blog entry guidelines.

  1. ingredients
  2. texture
  3. consistency
  4. flavor
  5. overall taste

10 points for consistency!

Scorecard of The Recipe Rebel’s Sour Cream Cookie

  1. With sour cream being the stand-out ingredient, I used a trusted brand from Trader Joe’s that I love. I’m sure the texture would adapt to which type of sour cream you use, therefore, I stuck to whole milk. I also read some adjustments other people made to this recipe. Some changes involved using almond extract rather than vanilla, and a full- on sour cream substitution for milk. Meaning, no milk at all. Find her recipe here and you can make your own adjustments.
  2. The texture of this cookie practically wasn’t even a cookie. It was a tiny splotch of baked cake batter. The inside was spongy, its topside pillowy, and my taste testers loved its buoyant fluff without the frosting. Even rolling it into balls to bake was like fighting with silly putty.
  3. Despite the sticky dough and my struggle to roll balls onto the pan, I found the rise and center of each cookie consistent throughout. The bottoms tended to brown a bit quicker than I anticipated, but they actually tasted perfectly toasted, forming a well-balanced, airy, center.
  4. I’m searching for a particular flavor when it comes to this experiment and I didn’t find it too much in this cookie. However, only 3 out of the 15 people who tried these cookies weren’t impressed by them. I was actually shocked at how much my testers enjoyed the flavor. In my opinion, they just tasted sort of bleh.
  5. Overall, these cookies fell a bit short for me. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I ate 6 of them warm & fresh out of the oven, (Ugh- monster). They just weren’t the flavor or texture I was aiming for.

Everyone loved these cookies more than I did. Maybe I’m crazy. (Crazy for cookies?). I was happy they were a hit! I wouldn’t find this recipe conducive to time elements in terms of rolling and baking due to its mushy and sticky consistency. However, if you want a cookie that tastes and feels like cake….this is definitely your go-to.

Next week I’ll embark on a completely new recipe to taste and gain feedback on. My live taste testers are actually looking forward to the next batch.

Meanwhile…..Bake on Bookies,

Love, Meg