The Unexpected Everything

The Unexpected Everything

by: Morgan Matson


Alright, alright, another gushy- mushy summer story to add to the list. I mean, it is the perfect time for park & beach blanket reads anyhow. This 500+ YA contemporary novel is sweet and simple. (Just like the cute ice cream truck on the cover). I love Morgan Matson’s books and found this one to be yet again…. summer funzies!

There are many aspects of this plot I enjoyed. The relationship between Andie and her father, the distracted congressman, whose campaign has sideswiped him through the years from raising his daughter after her mother’s death.

Her best friendships with Palmer, Bri, and Toby; each friend establishing their own unique stake in Andie’s life. Then, of course, Clark. Geeky- cute! A typical book boyfriend we grow to love. And how do they meet? Through Andie’s summer job of all jobs, as a dog walker. (I should have chosen that as a summer job when I was young). The rest unfolds to sweet summer self-discovery & fun!

Why You Will Like It

The conversations among Andie and her friends are not only relatable but hilarious. I found myself laughing aloud sometimes, whilst I was alone (the best bookie moments). Another reason you will like it: Ice Cream + Pizza = <3


Add Morgan Matson and her The Unexpected Everything to your life!

Favorite Quotes

“It’s always a risk. Wherever there is great emotion. Because there is power in that. And few people handle power well.”

-Andie, Morgan Matson, The Unexpected Everything

“Keep people at arm’s length and your feelings to yourself.”

-Andie, Morgan Matson, The Unexpected Everything