Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why

by Jay Asher

** Mature content

13 reasons

An original recipe created by Jay Asher leaving me sandwiched between emotions! You may want to skip the cookies for this one and go straight for the whole tub of ice cream…..

Depressing at times, relatable at others, and utterly shocked by the climactic, final recording, Hannah narrates her experiences in a series of sequential events involving her peers, parties, and high school dilemmas of 13 people who affected her decision to commit suicide.

Why You Will Like It

Told from the unique perspective of numerous cassette tape recordings, Hannah Baker’s explanation through the headphones of main character, Clay Jenson, as to why she chose to end her life will leave you feeling like you’re in a Lifetime movie when you’re finished. You’ll love the creative way you follow the plot line of Hannah’s story while Clay’s present day emotional involvement unfolds in responsive dialogue. I think many people disregard the tough times teens go through and the secrets they keep hidden in their hearts. Start Loving one another!


Add Thirteen Reasons Why to your collection. THEN! Watch the new series on Netflix- ah!